The Protocol for Building Web3 Social Media
Social.Live empowers entities to build social networks without encountering the cold start problem.
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USERS can earn, learn, play and communicate in an entirely decentralised habitat and above-all, finally find their home in Web3.
Builders seamlessly develop products atop the protocol, instantly tapping into a thriving community of active users. Moreover, they gain access to cutting-edge web3 social functions and social data through the Social Oracle, featuring robust API/SDK integration, particularly in telecommunication.
PRODUCTS and BRANDS can use as a launchpad to kickstart their communities. They no longer need to build from scratch in silos with no hope of discoverability.
Architecture of Social.Live
The web3 passport, empowers users by breaking free from the constraints of blockchain silos. It seamlessly bridges both EVM and non-EVM chains, envisioning a universe where your social presence effortlessly traverses diverse communities and applications. This liberation dismantles barriers, sparking engagement in unprecedented ways.
Social Oracle
Social Oracle is a decentralized oracle and physical infrastructure network designed for storing global off-chain content such as posts, messages, rich media, and more, while facilitating fast access to this content. It represents the pinnacle of social interaction within the decentralized web, empowering developers to create immersive social platforms that transcend traditional boundaries. Social Oracle redefines the social landscape by fostering genuine, rapid-fire interactions independent of geographical constraints or blockchain affiliations.
LiveCasts is where we redefine social interaction within the decentralized web. It offers a cutting-edge API/SDK suite, granting access to social data from Social Oracle and SocialPASS. This empowerment extends to both Web2 and Web3 developers, enabling them to break through conventional boundaries. Picture a realm where video teleconferencing seamlessly integrates with decentralized infrastructure, fostering real-time communication with unparalleled dynamism. With LiveCasts, you'll immerse yourself in authentic, lightning-fast interactions, unconstrained by location or blockchain affiliation.
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Social Payment
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Social Wallet
Chat3 stands as an ecosystem incubator, dedicated to building Web3 networks with genuine users from day one. It represents the pinnacle of video-based socialfi platforms for the dynamic Web3 community. More than just a platform, it serves as a launchpad igniting a revolution in social media. Within Chat3, companies, developers, and communities unleash their boundless creativity, crafting tailor-made social realms empowered by Social Oracle and SocialPASS. Each instance blossoms as a vibrant nucleus atop the network, facilitating seamless connections and boundless exploration across all vertical platforms.
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